Saturday, June 30, 2012

Aconitum napellus-monkshood

Monkshood is a native to Europe.

My garden book says it grows 2-5 ft tall, these blooms are taller than that, and 1 ft wide. The book also says that it blooms in late summer, mine always blooms in early summer without fail.

Full to partial sun, needs regular watering and all parts of the plant are poisonous, so be aware with small children and animals.

I have two plants, this one has one bloom spike because it is in Maddie's favorite corner of the yard where she likes to watch the neighbor kids play. The other is in a very messy bed that I will never show you. It has about 5 bloom spikes right now. This summer when I get my new flower bed done in the front yard, both plants will be moved to a safer haven!!!

That messy bed I spoke about will be demolished and I am planning on putting in horse shoe pits for backyard summer fun!!!

This is a really nice plant with beautiful blooms and is very easy to care for. A must for every garden!!!


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