Thursday, June 28, 2012

Verbena bonariensis

Verbena bonariensis is a perennial in zones 8-24. It is native to South America. It grows from about 3 ft to 6 ft tall and maybe 3 ft wide and self sows wherever it feels a notion to.

This is an awesome plant!!!

It has a very lacy, see through quality that makes it the perfect plant for the middle of the flower bed. This particular plant seeded itself in the rocky area next to my pond. It will be getting moved in the next couple days to the middle of one of  my flower beds.

It likes full sun, seems to be drought tolerant, and maintains it shape throughout the year!!!

The first time I saw this plant was in September of 1997 while visiting family in South Dartmouth, Massachusetts. There was a huge bed of Verbena bonariensis on the side of the newly built soccer club building. What a beautiful sight it was!!! I noticed that when the blooms were touched, seeds were falling. So I collected a bunch of seeds and put them in my pocket and carried them back to Oregon with me.

That following spring I started the seeds and I have had this plant growing in various spots in my garden since that time!!! I may start collecting the seeds to share with others because this is a must have for every garden!!! And it does grow so easily and is so easy to take care of!!!

Enjoy the photos and have a fabulous day!!!

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