Sunday, July 1, 2012

Baptisia-False Indigo

 This is a really lovely plant for the garden. The blooms are very similar to the sweet pea yet the plant itself is so different!!
Baptisia is native to Eastern and Southern US. It does fabulous here in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. It tolerates poor soil and drought, so easy care.
The plant dies completely back in the winter, and grows to about 5 ft during it growing season. It begins to bloom late spring to early summer.

My issue with the plant is it gets top heavy and falls over, especially with the rain.
So this year I put one of those circular plant stake things and it has helped mostly. It wasn't big enough, so next year I will have to put a much larger one in.

I tried tying the stragglers with a remnant hose I found, but it wasn't long enough!!

Today I will find some thick twine to tie it back up with so it doesn't get mowed over!!

I took these photos a little late and missed the massive blooming it had. This is the tail end of the blooms-sorry!!!
Happy Gardening and Enjoy :^)

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