Monday, July 2, 2012

Corsican Mint-Mentha requienii-Jewel Mint of Corsica

Corsican Mint is an awesome plant in the garden, especially if you have a path with rocks, or a rock garden,  for it to grow into. The minty scent is heavenly. Actually, I think it has more of a chocolate mint smell, love it!!

It grows about 1/2 an inch, or 3-10 cm and is native to Corsica, Sardinia, France and Italy. It grows wonderfully here in our little area of Oregon.

These photos were taken yesterday morning during a light rain shower. The blooms are so very tiny as you can see!!

When I say tiny, I mean teany tiny!!!

It is a slow spreader, but dependable. If weeds get into it, best to very carefully hand weed!!
Corsican Mint does not like heavy foot traffic, so have it on the side of the path so it doesn't get trampled!!

Here is it spreading itself to the other side of the path!!!

Have fun in the garden and enjoy!! Martha

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