Friday, July 6, 2012

Decorating in the Garden with an old, worn out , door

Here is one idea on using an old door in the garden!! There was already a partial path to the fence that I used to get behind the flower beds for ease in cleaning. My grandson and my dog Maddie also began using the path. So I decided to make it a safer path for both of them and add some whimsy to the garden.

The beginning of the Gnome path!!
Almost done, but it needs a little more of something??????

Ah, yes, a Gnome and his mailbox. The perfect place to put surprises for a little boy from his very own Garden Gnome!!

Well, it is just about done!!
However, I still need to:
add more flowers
screw the door to the fence so it doesn't topple over
paint the white pole, that is holding the bird feeder up, brown
hmmmmmm, I am sure I can find more to do
oh yes, add a walnut wreath I made to the door
and if I find an old window, hang it next to the magic Gnome door!!!

Any other ideas? Let me know...... Leave a comment with suggestions :^)

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