Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hosta-Sum and Substance

This is an amazing and very large Hosta-Sum and Substance. But as you can see, it looks a little like Swiss cheese. I have an abundance of slugs and snails on the property, and they absolutely love to eat the Hostas!!

This year isn't as bad as past years with the amount of damage those critters have inflicted!! I know it looks bad in these photos, but trust me, I have had worse years.

I don't use much slug bait because I have a very curious dog, and I do not want to sicken her. So my main attack is picking the slugs and snails up, putting them in a zip-lock baggie and putting them in the garbage. Not a nice way to treat them, but I have to get rid of them someway.

This year I am actually going to have blooms!! Most years, the slugs and snails have completely eaten the buds!!

Hosta's grow in many different zones depending on the species. There are tons of hybrids now to choose from. They like partial to full shade and regular watering. Mine do well here except for being a tasty meal for the slugs and snails!!!

Happy Gardening everyone!!


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