Sunday, July 8, 2012

Lysimachia punctata-Yellow Loosestrife

Here's another winning perennial for the garden, Lysimachia punctata or Yellow Loosestrife!!! It blooms a beautiful bright yellow and starts blooming in early to middle summer.

This plant is native to central Europe and Asia Minor-Zones 1-9 and 14-24. It grows to about 3-4 feet tall and 2 feet wide, larger if you allow it!!

It comes in a variegated leaf, and I have both, although the solid green seem to be winning at the moment.

You can see the variegated leaf in the above photo peaking out amongst the solid leaves!!

I started with one plant and have divided it several times now, so I think I am up to 4 plantings and plan on dividing it again and putting it in my front yard!!!
I do not know if I have seen this for sale in the nursery's. I got mine from a good friend who was dividing her clumps up. That is sometimes the best way to get awesome plants for the garden. Not only do you get a wonderful plant, but it gives you memories of friends and family who gave you the gift!!! Perfection!!!

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