Thursday, July 5, 2012

Phalaenopsis-Orchidaceae-Epiphytic Orchid

The Phalaenopsis orchid is an easy one to grow in a greenhouse or in a sunny window in your home!!

 This particular plant is a beauty!!! I purchased it at Safeway because I could not resist. The only problem with buying them in that  type of a retail store is that they do not tag it. There is no name to this hybrid, so no way to tell where it came from. I am not sure why the big producers cannot stick the hybrid name into the pot-but I have noticed that none of the orchids at Safeway are tagged!!??

I bought it anyway, along with a few more :^)

Phalaenopsis like to be watered and fed regularly and do not like there feet to remain wet!!! So do not leave them in those pots with no drainage. If my plants are in the house, I take them to the sink to water and let it drain thoroughly. Once they are done blooming, I take them out of the pot they came in, remove the moss they are growing in, and put them in a well aerated pot with proper orchid bark which you can buy online. Sometimes you can find orchid bark at Home Depot!!

They also like the sun, not direct sun as it can burn the leaves, but do not put them on a shelf away from the window. Their leaves will turn a very dark green and elongate trying to reach the available light. You will also not be getting any blooms if their environment is too dark!!!

Give these beautiful orchids a try, they are worth every penny!!!

Happy Gardening!! Martha

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  1. Where do you buy your orchids? I was going to give one to mom for her birthday and the only local places (to her) I can find online are florists with florist prices. I love mom but can't send her a $90 orchid plant.


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