Saturday, September 1, 2012


There are many many lily species and hybrids. The zones vary by species or type. Most like their roots cool and the tops in the sun or filtered light, not too shady!!

My lilies were here on the property when we purchased it 29 years ago. I think they are an Asiatic Hybrid Lily, but I cannot be sure.

They are very easy to grow and transplant easily also!! Thank-goodness as this one was replanted in late spring and didn't have any issues with that.

This one grows to a little over 4 ft tall. They like to be watered year round and prefer a well-drained fertile soil. Mulching the area helps to conserve moisture, keep the soil cool and prevent too many weeds from growing.

The Asiatic lilies are usually unscented, but the colors are so vivid. If you want scent, the Oriental hybrids will usually pack an amazing scent for you. They also may have much larger  blooms!!! Next year I hope to have some of these and will share them with you!!

Enjoy the earth!!! Take care everyone and Happy Gardening!!!
Martha :^)

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