Thursday, March 7, 2013

Camping at the Oregon Coast

The steps from our campground to the beach!! We were staying 3 miles north of Depoe Bay in Oregon.
We camped at the Sea and Sand RV Park. Our camp spot was OK, but next time we go we are going to get a site with a view. They had several on the hillside that were terraced!!! Perfect for watching the ocean!!!

This is where we will camp the next time we go-awesome view from there!!!
Me!! It was so sunny but very very cold there.
The beach!!
View through the lens!
Sunset on the Oregon Coast  3/3/13
My husband got a bit wet, he thought he was safe on the rock he was standing on!!!
Me and my hunny!!
Heading home on highway 101, beautiful! We are just 1 1/4 hours away from this amazing scene!!
So, I have changed the name of this blog again!!! There are so many things and places to share, that I decided to rename it. My mom loved to travel, she learned to garden, she loved to go out and eat. She was an amazing nurse and friend. She loved playing games, knitting, reading and doing crossword puzzles.

So to celebrate her life, I have decided that this blog will celebrate life and all it's wonders!!! All the things that she loved about this great earth we live on.

I hope you will enjoy reading my posts and I welcome your comments!!! Take care everyone!! Martha

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