Saturday, April 27, 2013

3-tab shingles in the garden!!!

Yes!!! That is exactly what I said!! 3-tab shingles in the garden!!
And what do I use them for???? Well,,,, first,,, you must cut them up!!
Maddie approves of my gardening skills!!!
All cut and ready to use!!!
I use them to give me a perfect edge for the flower beds!!! My own  re-purpose of  roof shingles!! These have been in the yard for over 10 years!!!
I still have to re-edge the lawn about once a year, but what a perfect mowing edge!!!
AND!!!!! They come in different colors!!! How cool is that??!!
Here are the shingles that I just put down today after getting them all cut up.
I will be continuing with the shingles and bricks all the way to the far corner in the upper Right of the photo. I let the weeds and grass get a little out of control, but I am ready to attack that area. Once done, I will be bringing in more soil and doing a lot of new plantings!!! FUN!!
Our front yard. I have TONS of trimming to do and I need to re-edge along the brick. I haven't done it for a few years, so past time!!
One of my beautiful Japanese Maples. I love these plants, they are amazing!!
I found this gigantic moth next to our sliding glass door on the back deck. He's huge!!!
OK, got to go. Time for dinner and I am starving!!! Have a great rest of the weekend and Enjoy the Earth!!!
Martha :^)


  1. I love that idea! Keeping grass from creeping into flower beds is the hardest thing for me. I thought about digging the trench around them like a lot of people do, but I like this so much better. And you only have to weedeat or edge around once a year, or you have to replace the shingles once a year?

  2. What a great idea! I've got some of these kicking around because I can't throw anything away. Now I know how I'll use them. Thanks!

  3. I bought some shingles today. The ones I had in the shed weren't 3 tab and were too I'd rather they be closer to earth color. I plan on edging with them Monday.

    Lowes has stuff already cut to size, plastic mesh kind of stuff in a roll, like the circles you can put around trees. It looks like a mulched circle or strip. I thought about just buying that, for about 3 seconds until I did the math and figured out it was over a $1 a foot for it. 8 feet for $9-10, and the bundle of 26 shingles was $14. No brainer.

  4. Genius idea, Martha! When old shingles are replaced by sturdy new ones, it's great to see that there are creative ways we can make use of them. They now keep the grass from growing to your flower beds, and they also serve as handsome decorations. Good job!
    Nelson Mcglaughlin


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