Saturday, April 6, 2013

Iberis sempervirens-Candytuft

There are four different types of Iberis. The one that is common here is sempervirens. It is evergreen and blooms in early spring. Sometimes you can get a second bloom if you trim it back a bit after it is done blooming.

Perennial and annuals
Zones 1-24-check the tag
Full sun or partial shade
Regular watering

Iberis sempervirens is a perennial. It grows to 8-12 inches high and spreads about the same, farther if you let it, but then it is leggy. Best to trim back a bit to keep if full and bushy.
It has narrow shiny dark green leaves that are evergreen. And the blooms are adorable!! Look how awesome they are close up!! I Love this plant!!!

Here it gives the tulips a beautiful foundation, lovely Easter scene!!!
I am planning on putting several more in the garden this year!! Evergreen is so special in the perennial bed!!

Take care everyone, Happy Gardening and keep those tools clean!! Martha

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  1. That is so pretty. I tried to grow candytuft one time but it didn't come back the next year. I don't know if my soil was wrong for it or if something else happened to it. I haven't tried it at this house but should give it another go.


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