Sunday, April 21, 2013

Treasures in Ferndale and Bellingham Washington

This is the front yard of my birthmom. Do you see what I spotted in her garden??
A bowling ball!!!
Hmmmm, I think we thinks alike!!!

I love her yard, so much to see and discover.
And speaking of discovery, here are more photos of a few areas in Bellingham and Ferndale Washington. We were there for a few days.
Me and Judith
A really cute sculpture at the Habitat Rehab store along with the cute birdhouse made out of corks below!!

Saw this Totem pole on a walk in one of the many parks in Bellingham!!!

On the walk I noticed the amazing design on the back of Judith's  jacket!!

See the metal fish on the "fish ladder"?
Very cool sculpture!!

This is in the middle of the city of Bellingham!! Lovely!!!

Very cool sculpture next to the offices for the metro buses where my sister Shelly works!!

A plant I need to purchase. Saw this at a nursery in Custer Washington.

And home again in my own little garden with my adorable Maddie!!!

Take care everyone, Happy gardening, enjoy the earth!!! :^)

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  1. What a neat yard. I love yards that invite you to explore. What is the thing on top of the tall post in the 5th photo? I love the fish in the "stream" and had just been trying to figure out how to do something similar in my dry stream.


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