Thursday, May 9, 2013

A gorgeous Rhododendron!! and Maddie :^)

Maddie loves to pose in the garden!!!
I love this Rhododendron!! It is in a darker corner of the garden and lights up the area!!. I thought that I still had the tag, but the only one I can find is Rhodie Bowbells which is a light pink!! Hmmmm, I will have to continue hunting through the cupboard for the tag. I rarely throw those out!!!
 There are about 800 species belonging to this group of plants/shrubs. But there are thousands registered in the International Registry.
Rhododendrons do best in zones 4-6 and 15-17. Here in Oregon you will see Rhododendrons growing on the sides of roads in the mountains. Most of the ones at that higher elevation are a light pink in bloom. They are amazing and beautiful to see!!
They need good drainage, acid soil, filtered light, although I have seem some growing in full sun and they do well.
I have 6 Rhodies now, and they are all gorgeous. Yesterday, on my way to work, I saw an orange one!! Now I need to make a trip to the nursery to see if I can find one in orange, it was an amazing sight!!!
Beautiful Blossoms!!

Notice the little stone path? Well, that was just a dirt trail made by Maddie. I decided to make it a permanent path for her and our little grandson. It takes them behind the flower bed next to the fence near our neighbors.
Just had to share this with you. The view out the grandchildren's bedroom window.  One bedroom in our house is for our grandchildren. This is a great view. Once it is done blooming, I will be trimming it back as I have not done so in a few years!!!

Well, that's it for today. Must get ready for work, time to quit playing!!!

Have a lovely day, take care, and enjoy the earth!!! Martha

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