Sunday, May 19, 2013

Despicable Them List

I've decided to start a new page listing those who have neglected their homes and property. No home should have to endure such vile treatment. I have two homes to start with.
 #1 on the list is this one:
I found a very old photo of this one taken many years ago. It was a grand home at one time.
But years of neglect have landed it where it is today. Sad and slowly decomposing.

If you would like to see what this house looked like in its glory days, check out this blogpost!!!

One can only hope that a miracle surfaces to save this home. It has such beautiful bones!!! It saddens me to see it  so severely neglected!!!
The next home is my family home-#2 on the list. We sold it 3 1/2 years ago when my mom decided it was time to go to assisted living. The yard got so bad that the neighbors called the Realtor to have the owners hire someone to mow the lawn, and trim the boxwood.  They did, but that is as much as they have done. The power is turned off, so the house is cold and most likely damp being that it is in the Pacific NW!!

Mom and dad owned this home for 52 years. I suppose what makes it even more difficult is that my mom passed away two years ago. So seeing the home in this state hurts and makes me cry. I would prefer that someone was living there, keeping it warm and caring for. It is so weird to see her drapes still up in the living and dining room, she had those made for the windows by a friend that went to church with her. When I look at the house I expect to see mom peering out of those windows like she always did when we came to visit!
This is my mom's silly little wreath still hanging on the door.
The mold is growing on the East side of the house, the North side is even worse.  That blooming bush in one that I brought back from a visit to my Aunt Marie's in Massachusetts. It is actually looking pretty good!! A bit overgrown but healthy.
Mom's curtains are still hanging and the bird feeder I bought for her many years ago is still there, empty of course.

The plants are growing well as are the grass and weeds in the flower beds.
The little trellis my husband and I put up needs painted and is a little wonky. Moss is now growing on the roof and I already pointed out the mold!!!! 
But check out the Clematis I planted for mom about 6 years ago!!! It's beautiful!!!
I am worried that our family home will fall into the same shape as home #1 above is. The people who bought our home live in the Bay area of California and said this was to be their retirement home. I just don't understand how someone can afford to purchase a home and then let it sit empty. Despicable!!!! You wonder if they have forgotten about it???

I will continue to check our house when I visit home. If things start getting worse, I will contact the city and the Realtor who sold the property.

We were home this weekend to do our family cemetery duties. This was something we did all my growing up years. So now it is my responsibility with the help of my husband.

Here's the before picture with the new flowers laying in the foreground ready to be placed.
And after. All mowed and trimmed and edged and new flowers and flags!!! And all ready for Memorial Day :^) It is a beautiful place. We saw and eagle and some deer while we were working!!!
My grandma's flowers. I was up until midnight arranging the flowers on their stakes. Yes they are fake, but I only get home once a year and I want them to last. This year they look pretty good. I attached them with electricians tape because it seems to take the weather well. But next year I will find some florist green tape and see if that might look a little better. The arrangements look fabulous from all sides!!! I know the family would be happy with what we did!!! 
Take care everyone, have a happy day, enjoy the Earth, and don't get on the DT list!!!! :^) Martha

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