Friday, May 24, 2013

Viburnum plicatum tomentosum/Doublefile Viburnum

Doublefile viburnum is a horizontally branched, deciduous shrub native to China and Japan. Along its branches in mid-spring bloom double rows of flattened clusters of sterile florets, resembling lace-cap hydrangea flowers.

Doublefile viburnum is a show stopper!!! It is beautiful every year and so easy to grow. It really takes care of itself.

This shrub grows 6-8 feet tall and 8-10 feet wide
There are many Viburnums and the zones vary with the species.
Mine likes regular watering during the heat of the summer
Full sun or partial shade
Blooms mid-spring

The blooms float above the branches and give the appearance of a light dusting of snow!!

This is one of my favorite plants in the garden!!! I just love it!!!

Enjoy this holiday weekend everyone, take care, and until we meet again, enjoy the Earth!!! Martha


  1. Very pretty! What is the variegated plant next to it?

    1. Thanks Marti! The plant next to the Viburnum is Variegated Red Twig Dogwood
      Cornus alba 'Elegantissima'. I need to cut it back in the fall but never can seem to find the time to do it!! It is another very showy awesome shrub. Martha


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