Sunday, June 23, 2013

Clematis jackmanii and a few other items including some fly fishing!!

We just had a huge down pour and so I thought I'd get a few photos of the yard to share.
I love this Clematis, it is always so full of blooms and such a gorgeous purple!!!
My husband thinks that the only reason why I wanted a flag pole was to allow the clematis a place to climb???Hmm!!

I can see them blooming from my kitchen window :^)

I also have a couple nice looking Hosta's in pots!!
The concrete bench in the background is one that our youngest son made

Here's another favorite in the yard!!
Daphne X "Briggs Moonlight"
The fragrance is amazing and we will enjoy blooms until late fall!!! This is an amazing little shrub :^)

Take care everyone, have a great week and Enjoy the Earth!!! Martha

(We enjoy it!!! Just got back from camping at RiverBend Campground, Linn County Oregon!!! What a great place to stay!!!! We were there with our youngest son, his wife, our grandson, and her relatives!!! Great times for all!!)
Here's Drew flyfishing
And Cooper playing in the water :)

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