Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Views from the greenhouse and garden

Tolumnia Red Berry-I took it out of the greenhouse to get a better photo in the sun!!
It's a tiny little plant in a tiny little pot!!
Phalaenopsis Golden Sun
Phalaenopsis Sogo Genki
So I went to Wilco on Sunday looking for some Impatiens to put in some pots in shady areas. I came home with a few more treasures!! They have some very cool plants at Wilco!!!!!!
Aloe "Gator" How cool is that??
Begonia "River Nile" Love it!!!
An un-named coleus. I grew coleus years ago, so I am going to see how it does in the greenhouse along with the orchids, aloe and begonia!!!
 Then, as I was exiting the plant area, I saw this gorgeous baby blue flashing in my eyes!!!

Corydalis Elata!! Beautiful!!!! And the scent is amazing!!!
It's going to look fabulous in the garden!
Love it!!!
 I will be going back to Wilco on my next payday. They have so many treasures in there, too numerous to count!!!

Take care everyone, enjoy the earth!!! Martha

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  1. Those are so pretty. I especially like the Corydalis Elata.


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