Saturday, July 13, 2013

Brick Laying

This was my project for today. We have two lounge chairs that took up this space, right on the sand base. So I decided to lay bricks, discards of our son's landscape. I love bricks, they are timeless treasures!!!

I started sewing this morning on a quilt block and just couldn't get outside until I was done. So by the time I finished my block, it had gotten hot out!! Outside I went and actually finished my task!
I am really pleased with the results! I sprayed it down and tomorrow I will re-sweep the sand and then put the loungers back on! SO VERY NICE to have a to-do done!!!

Here's the quilt block I was working on today:
Five more blocks to make a small quilt :^)

And a few flowers/plants from the garden/yard:

Have a happy weekend, Enjoy the Earth and talk to you soon!!! Martha

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  1. Great job on the brick laying. I have some I want to do too, but prepping the ground intimidates me. Well, that and the temperature.

    Your block is gorgeous. Looks really difficult too.


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