Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Raspberry Jam

Batch one done!! The house smelled of raspberries last night, yummy!! I love making my own Raspberry jam. It is so awesome to have enough jam on hand for the entire year. I have enough raspberries to make at least one more batch, possibly two.

I decided to waterbath the finished jars to ensure a good seal. Now I can gift a few of them with no worries of spoilage.

Next will be blackberry jam. We have a wild blackberry population here in Oregon. It is on the Noxious Invasive plant list. You can see it everywhere overtaking fields and sometimes old abandoned houses.

It does, however, produce and wonderful berry, and there are many spots on the sides of the roads to pick them. I can think of three areas between our home and my work!!

So this year, I am picking blackberry's for jam. The main problem with blackberry jam is the seeds. They are really big and plentiful. I will use a colander and wooden mallet to squeeze them. The colander helps to contain all the seeds, so I get a wonderful,seedless jam!!

Well, that's it for today!! I need to get a little sewing done before I get ready for work!!

Take care and enjoy the earth!!! Martha

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