Thursday, August 8, 2013

Spicy Hot Dilly Beans

I picked green beans, peppers and volunteer dill last night after work.
Got all the jars cleaned and packed after we were done with dinner.
And around 9 pm finally got them in the near boiling water.
6 quarts of Hot Spicy Dilly Beans after a 10 minute boiling water bath made special for my husband!!! YUM!!

I found a couple dilly bean recipes but I never seem to follow the recipes exactly. This is what I did.

Spicy Hot Dilly Beans

A bowl of green beans
Variety of peppers, including Jalapeno, around 6 total, sliced into 1 inch chunks
10 cups water
6 cups white vinegar
3/4 cup pickling salt
Fresh dill
Clove of garlic

Get your canning supplies out and ready. You will need clean quart jars, new lids and clean rings. Fill the canner up with hot water and start the process on the stove top of heating that water up. I hang the rack on the edge and place the clean jars in while they are waiting to be filled up. The bottom of the jars rest in the hot water which helps keep them hot in preparation for being filled with the hot, salty, vinegar water.

Place your lids in a small pot of hot water and keep on stove on a simmer setting so that they are ready for placement on the jars.

Keep a clean dishcloth handy for cleaning off the jar edges, hot dog takers for pulling out the hot lids, and some sort of ladle ready for filling up the jars. Hot pads too!!

In a large pot, combine the water, vinegar and salt and bring to a boil.
Meanwhile, in clean quart jars, place an even amount of the cut peppers, a large clove of garlic, a head of fresh dill.
Pack the clean green beans into the prepared jars.
Fill the jars up with the hot brine to 1/4" of the jar rims.
Wipe the rim tops.
Place a hot lid on top and screw the rings on firmly.
Place the filled jars into the rack of the canner and once they are all filled, dunk them in.
They should be covered with the water.
Bring the canner to a boil and let process for 10 minutes.
Remove jars with a jar tong and place on a protected surface.
Your jars should seal within 12-24 hours, usually sooner.
Let you Spicy Hot Dilly Beans sit for at least 2 weeks before sampling and enjoy!!!

If you have a lid that does not seal, store in the refrigerator and use that one first!!

It's so awsome being able to grow our own food in our backyard. How cool is that? I am hoping the tomatoes do well as salsa is in the plans for when they are ready. I have plenty of peppers growing just for that purpose, but I will have to purchase onions and cilantro!! Lucky for us, there are plenty of local farmers markets every weekend!!

Buy Local if you can and support your farmers!!

Take Care everyone and Enjoy the Earth!!!! Martha

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  1. I've never canned using the water bath method. Thanks for the instructions on how to do it.


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