Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fall clean up and the First Frost

 My Geraniums after the trim job!! I trimmed them pretty hard, stuck them in water, and now I am hoping to see new little roots sprouting. Once that happens, if it does, I will pot them up and put them in the greenhouse!!
So I have been babysitting plants for one of the Dr's I work with husband. He bought a new office and had it remodeled. I think I had his plants for about a year in my greenhouse. Well, his office is done and he wanted all his plants back, just in time.Here are all his plants. I moved them into the house to make the pickup easier.

Then I went to work on my Geraniums. I knew the First Frost was coming and I really wanted to get those plants into the greenhouse.Here they are, all trimmed up and in a safe place!!!

Two days later, we got frost!!! I was right. Sometimes you can feel it in the air!!??
This is the top of the non functioning hot tub/spa. The Geraniums were outside next to this. I am so glad they are safe!!
So my next task was working on the front yard flower bed. Every year I say I am going to clean up the bed, cut back the plants, and never get around to it. So then,all the work becomes Spring Cleanup. Not this year!! I am determined to get things done!!
Here are photos of my work in progress!!!
Ferns cut back

I need to redo this little path through the planting bed!!

I also need to move that huge Calla Lily. I am thinking somewhere in the new front flower bed along the road?

This bed is almost ready to plant. I am hoping for some big rocks, a few Japanese Maples and then fill it in with perennials.

Looking a little better.
I will post more photos when this is done. I am already pleased with the results!!! Come spring my work will be much easier!!!

Have a lovely day, enjoy the earth!!! Martha

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