Sunday, October 27, 2013

It's WALNUT time here in Oregon!!

Our walnut tree is in the background, it is huge and the leaves are just changing!! There are a millions leaves!
Oh, and there is my constant companion, Maddie :^)
Another view of the walnut tree!! It's an oldie, probably 50 years old at least!!!
I've been picking up walnuts when I have time. Some are drying on a wire rack in the garage.
And I am trying my food dehydrator on some. Not sure if this is going to get too hot for them??!! The first batch is a bit crunchy which is fine for baking I suppose. I will take this next batch out before 24 hours and see how they are.

And what to do with the nuts that are too small?
Yep, I made a wreath out of them!!!
I used one of those straw wreaths and hot glued them to the surface!!!
You can hang it on the hearth or hang it on the front door!!!

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