Sunday, November 17, 2013

Felted rocks

Yes, I felted two rocks!
My supplies, a towel, wool roving, a rock, toule

and a bowl of warm soapy water
I began by laying out the roving
then adding more on a criss cross grid

several layers later
adding a little color
now adding the rock
all rolled up

rolled up in the toule
This is after emmersing it in the soap water and squishing it a lot, I mean a lot!!!
 Once squished, a lot, like 5-10 minutes, you rub it alot.
And the end result. The rock on the right was my first and not done well. The left was the second rock I tried which did turn out a bit better. I still need a lot of practice. It was fun to see how the wool turns into felt. Next on the agenda is making some felted balls!

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