Monday, November 11, 2013

Leaf clean-up

Well, the leaves have started to fall and it is time to pick them up!! Not an easy task, especially if you let them accumulate!!
I love the colors in this photo!! The purple of the Beauty Berry with the yellows of the leaves is gorgeous!!
Lots of leaves still to fall!!
I decided to get the lawn mower out to help me pick up the leaves in the lawn that didn't really need raking. Maddie had fun trying to find a place to hide her new bone!!
The walnut leaves were raked up, there were already too many down on the ground to mow over.
The leaves and grass that I caught in the bag of the lawn mower were put on the raised beds in the vegie garden, great compost material!

Most of the walnut leaves will be burned, this is our burn circle made of recycled concrete from the old driveway.
Beautiful and clean, for a day! I ended up mowing the next day to clean it up again. It will be a daily chore until all the leaves are down.
Maddie needed a nap after all that work!!!!! She has her own quilt to sleep on :^)
Take care all, Enjoy the Earth and see you later!!! Martha

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