Saturday, December 28, 2013

Crocheting and birds!!

The photos do not do this yarn justice!! It has a little bit of gold running through it and is simply beautiful!! I am planning on giving this to one of my patients who has had such a very sad life!!! I hope it will keep her warm and cozy. I would like to make a simple hat to go with it, but my crochet skills are pretty minimal!! Still, I have found a hat for beginners, so I will try making one with leftover bits of yarn that I have!!
Ive started another scarf in the meantime. I am planning on spending evenings making simple things for Christmas gifts next year!! :^) I've never done that before but I am going to give it a try!!

A couple days ago my husband noticed a bird at the feeder. We are thinking that it is a pileated woodpecker?? Not sure and the photos did not turn out well. Too far away and using my phone as the camera. But you can see the red on him and the white stripes!!!

Anyway, we were pretty excited to see him and actually got the bird books out to check out the species!! A fun few minutes until he flew away. He kept all the little birds away from the feeder while he was there!!! They were all very noisy complaining!!!

Take care and Enjoy the Earth-Martha

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