Sunday, December 8, 2013

Feed the Birds!!!

I had a little chat with our neighborly birds after noticing them checking out my empty birdfeeders. I asked them why they weren't enjoying the sunny warm south. They said something about cancellations and change in the travel plans!!
So I quickly got the bird feed out and filled all 6 up and last night ran to Wilco and got the suet!!

The temperature this morning!!
They love this food and it helps put some protein and fat in them=warmth!!
Looking good!
Maddie approves!!!

I still need to put water out for them. I will just have to change it often as it freezes up!!

Take care, Enjoy the Earth, and feed those feathered friends who stayed behind. Martha

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  1. You are so good! I felt really bad this weekend as I watched the dove trying to get to the water. We turn the pump off to the pond in winter and they couldn't reach the water. They could have hopped down to a pot at water level but they never did. I guess they didn't want wet feet..


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