Sunday, December 15, 2013

Road Maggots and Harley Davidsons and Toys!!!

The Road Maggots of Lebanon Oregon had their annual toy run today, so no sewing for me!! Yes, that is me with the black and pink Harley Davidson helmet!!! This is us just leaving Walgreens. Walgreens has been very supportive of our Toy Run, they are awesome!!!

We had over 150 bikes and classic cars and filled up 4 vehicles to the brim with toys and food for local families!!!! We have some very generous folks here!!!

Ready to rumble!!

Friends of ours!! :^)

See my pink phone in the rear view mirror!!??

Perfect day for a lovely drive through town!!

We ended up at the Lebanon Elks where the Elkettes had lunch ready for us. They were amazing!!! A great group of people!!  Here are just two of the four vehicles filled with toys and food!!!
We were very glad that the snow and ice finally melted. Our toy run was planned for a week ago, but the weather did not cooperate!!
This is a photo from my car after work one night last week!!! It was COLD!!!
Merry Christmas, Ride Safe, Enjoy the Earth, and until later, Take good care :^) Martha

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