Friday, February 14, 2014

February Snow Storm!!

This is our second snow storm for this winter season. And it was a good one!!
The snow really piled up.
There was a blanket on everything!
It is amazing how beautiful your yard can look when covered in snow!!
On the first day we have already gotten 7 inches, wowza!!
I kept the birdfeeder full of food
It started looking like we lived in Gnomeville!!
I let the pump keep running as the birds were gathered around getting fresh water!!
And I thought that this was a beautiful ice sculpture :^0
Great view from my sewing room
And the snow continued to fall!! WOW!!
Then we started getting freezing rain on top of the snow and lost the top of our gazebo :(
Now it is all bend up, not sure what he will do to fix it!!??

The snow is pretty much all gone and it has warmed up a bit. Nice to have the normal rain back!!!

Take care, Enjoy the Earth, and see you soon again, Martha

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