Monday, March 31, 2014

A few more plants in!!!

Got two of these, so pretty!!!
We had a beautiful day last Monday, and I had the day off!!!

Love this color!!
Coral bark maple, so nice!! I was given this when my mom died three years ago and I finally have gotten it in the ground. So far, so good!!
My neighbor drove into my flower bed and parked there!!!!!!!!!!!! His son pointed it out, so backed out. Can you believe that??!!! How could he not know that he went over a huge lump??!! Incredible!!!!! We are putting a big boulder where the flag is, hopefully that will stop careless parking!!
Hinoki Cypress, beautiful.
My little Pagoda. I am going to move it again. I've decided to put in a tall Phlox there, so more lifting in store.
All the flags are marking boulders so our son knows where to place them. He has six that he doesn't want!! yay for me :^)
I am pleased with how it is all turning out. Summer will be awesome. I also put in a Pink Lily and some small calla lilies.

New Lungwort.

Put two of these in.

So the rain came back and the yard is like a swamp. So glad that we had that one beautiful day to garden!!

Take care, enjoy the earth and see you again soon, Martha

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