Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sunny Day in Oregon!!

WOW!! What a beautiful day in the Willamette Valley, Oregon!!! I got the day off because my Dr is in computer class today learning how to work Epic. And I got to play ALL DAY!!
I mowed the lawn!!! Haven't done that in awhile and it was so awesome!!!!
I love that so many plants are blooming out!! Gives us hope that Spring really is on it's way!

The castle and swing are still closed for Winter, but once sunny days arive they will both be open for service :^)
Lungwort blooming away, so nice!!
And the slugs and snails are already busy, UGH!!!!
Here's a little bird bath I made from bowls and plates from the $ store, love the colors, keeps some color out in the garden even in the winter!!
Well, that is it for today, hope you had a lovely day like I did!!! Enjoy the Earth, Martha

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  1. Your yard looks so nice. No weeds! How do you do that? And I love your bird bath. Do birds like the top bowl or the shallower lower bowl?


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