Saturday, March 22, 2014

Working on the front flower bed!!

I've been working hard de-weeding the front flower bed and getting some plants in there!!

My kids gave me this when my mom died. I finally got it in the ground. Not sure why it took me so long!! Mom has been gone for 3 years this past March 20th. So I am glad that I was finally able to get this planted!!!

I love the way it looks. I am planning on adding some big rocks/boulders. Our son has several at his shop that he doesn't want, and he has the equipment to get them to our house!!! Can't wait. I love rocks!!!
This is the view from the living room window. I like what I see! So excited to get more planted and then put in the annuals for lots and lots of color!!!

I hope to work more out there with the nice weather we are going to be having here for the next two days. Then the rains return!!! I have a $100 gift certificate to our local nursery, so I am heading there on Monday!! Whahooo!!!!!

Take care, Enjoy the Earth and see you later!!! Martha

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