Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Smelly Front Load Washer? I have a solution!!!

YES!!! The All Natural Choice!!! And YES, I am putting this in my washing machine!!!!

I noticed odors from the washing machine and heard others complain about it too. I found some cleansers at the grocery store, but they didn't seem to work and were expensivc I thought.

Then it occurred to me a few weeks ago! VINEGAR!! WHITE VINEGAR!!! The clean all and even kills weeds and makes the best dill pickles EVER!!!

So I put the white vinegar in the little place meant for bleach. MAGIC. The odor appears to be gone, our clothes smell fresh and pleasant (no vinegar odors-I love pickles but I don't want to smell like one!!)
Just pour it in to the max level and wash as normal. It seems to help the cleaning process but most importantly, clears up that icky smell!!
I love my washer, but didn't love that smell.
No worries now!!

I am not a washing machine person, or mechanic and I take no responsibility to any damaged washers out there!!!
My machine is still working beautifully!! And I figure, vinegar is a lot less harsh then bleach.

Enjoy the Earth and clean smelling clothes!!! Martha :^)

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