Sunday, June 29, 2014


This is where I compost. One isn't enough, but it is what I have at the moment!!
I purchased a cheap plastic garbage can and cut the bottom completey out of it. Then, when I have good waste, like vegies and such, I just throw it into the garbage can. I add dried cut grass, a bit of soil, dead leaves, more kitchen waste. NO MEAT!!!!

During the summer, that garbage can heats up in the sun which helps make the compost quicker. After several weeks, I pick the whole thing up which causes the materials in side to dump out. Then I scoop it all up and put it back in. It is small enough for me to do by myself, which I like much!
Cutting vegies for dipping-yum!
Leftovers for the compost, I usually just put it in a bowl, but this was handy and can be rinsed and dried and used again. I also keep a plastic container in my fridge to put the compost material in. When the container is full I make a trip out to the compost bin.
The lid on this clicks closed so it doesn't go flying off in the wind.
The slugs have found the compost bin, but I would rather have them in here than on my plants eating them up!!!
So that is how I compost!!! Take Care and enjoy the earth!!!! Martha

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