Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summer Salad

Here is a simple summer salad recipe for your enjoyment!!!

When we were in Phoenix in June, our son's friend, Maria, made this salad for Josh and I. It was so good!!! It is a light, refreshing, yummy salad and so easy to make!!! And you can see that it is also beautiful!!!

The lettuce-endive-I found at Safeway. I will admit, I did not know what an endive looked like!!! I do now!

I used my vegetable peeler for the carrot to give nice thin pieces in the salad. You could buy already grated carrots but I think using a whole carrot and peeling it yourself is a lot fresher!!!

I used a knife to peel the orange in order to get all the white pith off. Although I did read that it is good for you, so leave it on if you wish.

I must also mention that Maria's main dish was Paella and you can click on the link to check it out. I can tell you that it was heaven on a plate!!! Oh-My-Goodness!! So Good!!! Paella has all kinds of seafood in it, vegies and rice. And Saffron!! I knew there was Saffron because of the color of the rice. Maria is from Madrid Spain, and Paella is one of their wonderful meals!!! I watch a lot of travel shows, my favorite is Globe Trekker and I had seen Paella made on one of their foodie shows. It was so awesome to actually have the opportunity to enjoy Paella!!!

We really had an amazing meal that night! Thank you so much Maria!!! :^)

Maria's Super Simple Summer Salad-Sensational

1-2 Endives
1 Carrot-peeled
1 Orange-peeled with knife
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Wash your endive, cut the bottom off, remove leaves and stack them up. Slice length wise, then cut into bite size pieces.
Using a vegetable peeler, peel your entire carrot into the salad bowl.
Slice your orange into bite size pieces.
Toss salad with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Serve and Enjoy!!!

The ingredients to Maria's Sensational Salad

All ready for dinner!
Maria's Super Simple Summer Salad, Grilled Burgers, and Coconut Rum Fruit Cocktail!!! The perfect summer meal!!

Take Care Friends, Enjoy the Earth and try out this lovely salad!!! Martha

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