Saturday, August 2, 2014

New/used fountain for the pond

My brother and sister in law gave us this gold panning fountain for our
pond. He was totally white and I have been spray painting him to
look like stone. Maddie was supervising!!
She is pointing out the spots I missed!!!!
I've been working on the waterfall/stream lately, I had a leak
the top so started tearing the whole thing apart.
Also needed to glue down the rocks for one of the little
waterfalls as the water was going under the rocks.
Rocks glued down and now trying to refigure rock placement
on the edges. In the end, the rubber liner will not be showing.
My pump burned up or melted down, so no filter when
these photos were taken.
Painting done, I love the way he looks now!!!
Mini waterfall working well with the new pump in and
finally able to filter that dirty water!! The sounds from
the waterfall are so soothing.
Its looking so much better now. The bricks in the back will
 hold my gold panner up and more rocks will cover the
rubber liner.
I'll post more photos when I get this all done and my goldpanner is actually functioning!! Thanks for visiting and enjoy the earth!!! Martha

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