Sunday, September 7, 2014

Skate Park Fund Raiser-GoFundMe explanation

An explanation for the GoFundMe button on my blogs!!!

Our son Drew and the Lebanon Skate Park committee has been very active in our towns fund raising efforts for a skate park here. This photo and the following are from a quilt I made that was in a silent auction to help raise funds. I tried to put in elements that would appeal to a lot of people, not just the skaters. It was fun to make and brought in around $325.00. Not too bad!!!

The group is very close to their goal of $60,000.00, which is why I started the GoFundMe account and put the link on my blog. We, and they, are hoping to get the rest of the money raised and break ground this fall, which is just about here!!!

The skatepark is located next to the police department and has 24 hour surveillance which is a good thing, we need to keep our kids safe!!

Here are more photos of the quilt I made. The raffle and silent auction was all part of a poker run Drew put on with the help of the Road Maggots here in Lebanon. They raised close to $15,000 in that one day!!! There were a lot of very generous people attending!!!

There were tons of items donated by businesses and individuals not only in Lebanon but the entire Willamette Valley. It was an amazing event for sure!!!

Here's the entire quilt!!

Notice the background fabric. I found that on ebay, just half a yard, so I had to make it work. I ended up using it for the outer border, and I used every little bit of it!!! I think it really helped to tie all the elements together!!!

So that is the explanation for the GoFundMe link. Just trying to do my part to help out. Drew has been a skater since he was a young one. He has purchased several skate boards for his little 5 year old Cooper, and now Hayden, age one, has her own skateboard!!! How sweet is that!!?? Now they need a fabulous place to skate together as do the youth of our little town!!!

This is Cooper at the Skate Park during a work day there!! He helped out with his daddy!!
And our little Hayden, comfortable on her brother's skateboard!!! The photo was taken by Pete Dryden of  Lebanon Oregon.

Thanks for listening!!

Enjoy the Earth!!! Support your local Skaters!!!!

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