Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Straight even painted lines: Wall vs Ceiling

How to get a perfect painted line between the wall and the ceiling!!
First: Paint your ceiling
Second: Let ceiling paint cure, then tape the edges.
Now paint the top of the wall covering some of the tape with the ceiling paint.
Yes. Ceiling paint. Let dry
Now, paint your wall color. I cut the paint in first, then roll on the rest.
Paint all cut in and ready to roll!!

Notice my ceiling tape is still on.

All painted and time to start removing the tape. I did use a craft
knife to score the painted lines to deter from paint peeling off the
walls, but you may not need to do that.

Using my craft knife to score the paint!!

And a perfect, even, non bleeding edge between the ceiling and wall.
The step where you paint the tape with the ceiling color on the wall and
overlapping the tape seals that edge so that the wall paint doesn't
make its way under the tape. It  works wonderfully!!!
I learned this from our son Josh in Arizona!!! Thank you Josh, I love it!!! I have NEVER had such an even edge between my ceiling and walls!!! Amazing.

Hope this is understandable. If not, leave me a message and I will try my best to explain!!!

Take Care, Enjoy the Earth and help make this world beautiful!!! Martha

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