Monday, December 29, 2014

Meet Bailey-Chorky

This is Bailey, a gift from our youngest son and daughter in law for Christmas. She is a Chihuahua Yorky combo.
It was a bit of a surprise, well, more than a bit, but I am trying to be positive. I am extremely tired as someone doesn't want to sleep in her crate!!! Night four and I made the mistake of bringing her in to bed with me!! We did sleep better but now to start over with the crate training!!!!!

Christmas morning with the grandkids and our new family addition!
She is little! And she doesn't eat much. 
I'm talking tiny!! I am used to our Maddie dog who weighed
in at 92 pounds. Bailey is 1.17 lb!! Wowza!!!
She naps a lot!!
Checking out the new crate! Now to begin the crate training.
I know this is not going to be fun or easy. She has cried and
barked all night in the carrier!!
This is where she prefers to sleep. Cannot blame her, warm
and cozy is what life is supposed to be about!
So I will accept any and all advice on crate training this little one. I want her to sleep in her crate at night. I did bring the crate in to our bedroom but she just doesn't want to be in there, plain and simple.

Take care and enjoy the earth and all the little creatures!!! Martha


  1. What a cutie!! Good luck with the crate training - ;))

    1. Thank you!! I will need a lot of luck and a lot of patience!!! In the end, it will be well worth it though :^)

  2. Thank you on both comments!!! I've been reading a lot about crate training and just bought a book on my kindle for night training!!! I'm pooped amd it's just been 4 days!!!

  3. Oh my goodness, she is adorable!

    I really have no advice with crate training but my dd put a smaller crate in their closet with an alarm clock wrapped in a towel. The puppy could hear them talking but her little noises didn't keep them up with the door almost closed between them.

    1. Yes, we have heard stories about ticking clocks!! I tried a big clock next to the crate, but she didn't seem to notice!! I think she was howling too loud to hear it!!!

  4. Oh, I wanted to add a story that may make you think twice about having her in your bed. Dd's husband really wanted the dog (Maltese) in bed with them, so dd gave in though she said she didn't sleep well with the dog in the bed, afraid to roll over, etc. About the 3rd night, her husband work her up in the middle of the night yelling "Oh yuck (and other unprintable things), the dog pooped on my head!" She thinks he rolled over her in the night and scared the poop out of her. But after bathing the dog and changing sheets in the middle of the night, that was the end of dog in the bed. ROFLOL.

    I understand how tired you are though. They were here at Christmas and even though our bedroom door was closed, the dog woke me up every morning at 5:30 when she wanted out, except the last morning when she woke up at 4:30 throwing up the stuffed toy she had been playing with just before bedtime. They're as much a full time job as having children, aren't they?

    1. Poop on the head doesn't sound pleasant!! I will keep that in mind next time I even consider taking her to bed with us!!! I think it is just going to take time, let her get a bit bigger and lots and lots of patience!!! I cannot get mad at her, she's so sweet and just wants to be close!!

      Thanks for the comments, every little bit I hear helps me to develop a plan for her!!


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