Thursday, February 19, 2015

A little spring clean up and a really cool rock!!

I love this rock!!! It is amazing!!! It was in a bunch a shale rock that we had.
I was outside the other day cleaning up this bed full of  white Phlox and Acanthus_mollis
or Bears Breeches. I had to make the bed a little bigger and had help from my little
budette Bailey. 
I had her on a long leash so she could wander just a big. The
yard has not been mini puppy proofed yet!!!
She loved it outside!!! I think we were working for over an
hour!!! Now I need to spend some time going around the
perimeter of the yard and make sure there are no little places
for her to sneak out of. Until then, she stays on the leash!!!

Take care and Enjoy the Earth!!! Martha

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