Friday, April 17, 2015

Doublefile Viburnum

I love this shrub!!! It is gorgeous. This is right now in our front yard!!! It is
Here is some information on the Doublefile Vibernum from Fine Gardening. :

(I have no issues with this shrub, no bugs, no mold, just gorgeous every year. I do trim it back a bit to keep it in control, but that is it!!! This is a show stopper for sure!!!)

Doublefile viburnum (Viburnum plicatum f. tomentosum)
vy-BURN-um plih-KAY-tum forma toe-men-TOE-sum
Synonyms: V. tomentosum
Genus: Viburnum
Doublefile viburnum is a horizontally branched, deciduous shrub native to China and Japan. Along its branches in mid-spring bloom double rows of flattened clusters of sterile florets, resembling lace-cap hydrangea flowers. Oval red fruit follows and ripens to black, often attracting birds.
Noteworthy Characteristics: Double rows of lace-cap flowers in spring along horizontal branches.
Care: Grow in full sun or partial shade. Tolerates almost any soil that is moderately fertile and moist, but well-drained. Double file viburnum
Propagation: Take greenwood cuttings in summer. Sow seed in autumn, in a cold frame or seedbed.
Problems: Common insect pests include aphids, scale insects, weevils, Japanese beetles, mealybugs, and treehoppers. Gray mold, rust, downy and powdery mildew, wood rot, Verticillium wilt, leaf spots, and dieback also occur.


6 ft. to 10 ft.
10 ft. to 15 ft.
Growth Pace
Moderate Grower
Full Sun to Part Shade
Medium Moisture
Showy Flowers, 
Showy Fruit
Bloom Time
Flower Color
Beds and Borders
Woodland Garden
Seasonal Interest
Spring Interest

The Tulips and Garlic are doing well too!!!

Take care, Enjoy the Earth & talk to you again soon! I love gardening season! Get out there and dig!


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