Saturday, May 16, 2015

Our Victory Garden is in!!!

Here's a before the plants are in and after. A long days work!!! I love it!!! We are going to have an abundance of tomatos to share with our friends and family, so awesome.

I like calling this our Victory Garden. It makes me feel like I am linking up with family who have passed on. Here is a little history lesson on the Victory Garden from Wikipedia.

Victory gardens, also called war gardens or food gardens for defense, were vegetablefruit, and herb gardens planted at private residences and public parks in theUnited StatesUnited KingdomCanadaAustralia and Germany during World War I and World War II. They were used along with Rationing Stamps and Cards to reduce pressure on the public food supply. Besides indirectly aiding the war effort, these gardens were also considered a civil "morale booster" in that gardeners could feel empowered by their contribution of labor and rewarded by the produce grown. This made victory gardens a part of daily life on the home front.

Here are some more photos of the garden. We have raised beds, just a few, but enough for the two of us and I know we will have plenty to share.
A pano view of the garden
9 tomato plants, there are five more here and there!!!
tomatos, peppers, cucumber
The radishes are up in just 4 days-WOWZA
The "new" entrance to the garden :^) I still need to stain the
wood beam on the left and will do that as soon as it warms
up for a few days.
I will post more photos as things begin to grow more. I do need to plant some Basil, forgot that one!!! But we do have: beans, carrots, beets, tomatos, potatos, lettuce, radishes, green onions, zuchini, cucumbers, spinach, peppers. That may be it!!! 

Take care Friends, Enjoy the Earth, and I will see you again soon!!! Martha


  1. Very nice! Sometimes I think we are going to have to convert to raised beds. Our garden has been so wet for the last month that we haven't been able to get in there.

  2. Thank you Marti!! We do like the raised beds and so easy to cover with black plastic if we aren't using them, helps to keep the weeds down. You can see the nearest bed? We redid that one. It is higher and you can easily sit on the edge. So the rest will be redone just like that one. It will be much easier on my back!!!
    The other nice thing is they can be worked in earlier because they are raised up!!! Love it!!


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