Thursday, July 30, 2015

In the Garden

Potatos above and Garlic below, both beds are
ready to harvest!!!

Our new tomato bed, love it!!!!
Front yard garden bed-sweet
Our Gazebo in the back yard. I did all the paver work and put the little pond
with a stream in. Love the sound of the water back there!!
Before and after. I used two flat sheets, cut them length wise
and added ties to the top. Gives the eating area a nice feel!!

Take Care Friends, Enjoy the Earth and I will see you soon again!!! Martha


  1. Your garden looks so neat and orderly. Will you be making more raised beds like the tomato bed?

    1. Hi Marti, and yes!! We are planning on re-doing all the beds like our tomato one. What I really love about that bed is that I can sit on the edge and weed!!! Perfect!!! Our garden didn't look this nice a year ago, we worked really hard to get it back in order. Thanks for the visit and have a lovely weekend!!!


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