Friday, July 17, 2015

Raised Bed Gardening

Many years ago we decided to put the garden into raised beds.
It has been a great thing!! Now there are clean paths to walk
around in-nice when I come home from work in my white
I put boards in to help me reach the center of the bigger beds.
This one looks a little sparse because the neighbors cats got
in and dug and poo'd in there. YUCK and so last weekend
I weeded and replanted!!!
The other nice thing about raised beds is being able to water
just what you need to water. This irrigation is all connected
to a regular hose that winds around the entire vegetable
garden. Water conservation is so important!!!
More tomatos and some pepper plants along with one
cucumber plant!!! We have already been eating the
cucumbers!! So YUMMY!!!
Here's a little pano view. I got to go home for lunch one day and sat in the little
gazebo in the middle of the vegetable garden. Very peaceful out there!!!
This is our front garden area, love flowers and all the green!!!
And a portion of the back yard garden area. Notice the little path? it goes behind
the bushes, a little secret path for the grandkids!!!

Thanks for visiting and be sure to enjoy the earth!!! later-Martha

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