Friday, August 7, 2015

Camping at French Pete Campground near Cougar Reservoir-Oregon

This is where we just spent two nights. Got home yesterday!!! It was beautiful and the only sounds were the river, a few birds and a curious chipmunk.

This is French Pete Campground and you can check out more information here!! It was just $16 a night, no services, but we have our little RV, so no worries!!!

We couldn't have a campfire which we understood, but it was disappointing. We are having a drought here and the forests are too dry. Forest Fires are awful so no campfires!!!

We took our little Bailey, who is a Chorkie, with us, for her first campout. She got sick when we got there, I think a bit of car sickness, but she improved quickly!!!
She had to sit on my lap the entire journey, wants to be close to mom. Actually, the whole camping trip she wanted to be next to me. Couldn't even use the restroom without her crying out. So in she came!!! Silly girl.
Very serene!!!
Bailey had a blast smelling everything!!!

View from the RV-notice my husband with the binoculars!!??
Walks were wonderful, the weather was perfect!!!

We found this log that was across the little river!!
Here's an old growth tree, probably 300-400 years old. Maybe
older. They were everywhere up there!! This one was about
15 feet from our campsite.
The water level was so low here!!! We saw no boats or
people enjoying the lake!! It was a bit strange!!!
This is the view of below the dam!!
Well, it was good to get away for even just a couple nights!!
I need to find a book that lists all the campgrounds in Oregon with all the specifics on each. If there isn't one, it would be sure nice if someone wrote it!!

I would like to be able to pick up a book, read about the campground, this one was a forest service campground, know how many campsites, what size of camper it can host, if it's just for tents, is there water, pit toilets etc.....

I hope we get the chance to go out one more time!!

Take care friends, Enjoy the Earth, and see you again soon!!! Martha


  1. That does look like a nice place to camp and relax. So shady and peaceful with the little creek. Do you have a generator in your camper or is it cool enough there not to need ac?

    1. Hi Marti~Yes, we have a generator but didn't need to use it for AC!! It did get warm but not sweaty warm, thank goodness!!! I think my grandson would have loved that spot. The little offshoot creek was shallow with tons of rocks. He could have built a fabulous dam there!! I would have if I was little :^)

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