Sunday, August 16, 2015

Tomato Harvest

As you can see, it is time to harvest the tomatos!! We have tons of them and our little grands love them. Hayden has a mouthfull already :^)

Look at that cute little hand!!!

YUMMY!!! She isn't two yet and absolutely loves tomatos!
Big brother Cooper likes picking them but he will not eat
them, not one!!

We have Romas, Cherries and the little pears!!

Take care my friends and Enjoy the Earth!!! Martha


  1. How wonderful to have such a harvest. I love the pear ones too and haven't tasted them in years. They don't grow well here and I've never seen them at the stores. Your grands are so cute! Someone told me recently that we are born with taste likes and dislikes, or rather the ability to taste some things. For some people asparagus tastes yummy and for another it tastes like mud. I always wonder where Lil got her love of coconut because neither Hubby or I can stand it.

  2. It is funny about kids and foods!! Coop doesn't like anything and baby sister will eat it all!!! I wonder if the pear tomatoes would grow under a shade cloth there? We sure love them and today I will be bringing a lot to work to share as it appears the majority of those little tomatoes are ready for eating!!! Too many for just the two of us!!


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