Thursday, October 29, 2015

Pumpkin Carving Time HAPPY HALLOWEEN

Our hospital has a pumpkin decorating contest every year and all the medical clinics and hospital are involved. My manager asked me on Friday if I wanted to carve ours, so Sunday evening this is what I did!!!

I have not carved a pumpkin in a VERY LONG TIME!!!!!
I had many ideas and then ended up with this one!! So I
made a template and traced it on to the pumpkin.
Again, this was not easy!!!
I did it!!! TaDa!!
I felt like she needed a hat, but none fit her. Then I thought
of my nurses cap!!! I took it apart to see how it was made,
easy!!! Now I have a great stunt double. Yes, this is me!
I did a little calligraphy for her :^) But she just didn't look
finished. SOOOOOOO.......

I carefully removed the skin around the carving and that did
it!! PERFECT!! She won best smile!!!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Enjoy the Earth and I will see you all later!!!! 
Martha and the Great Pumpkin


  1. I love that! I have never gotten into pumpkin carving - always dreaded it in fact when my kids were young. I think it was the knife I used and getting all those slimy seeds out. But yours is terrific and you made it look easy.

  2. Hi Marti!!! Thank you!! I was quite surprised that it turned out so nicely, I haven't carved a pumpkin in a long time, the slimy inards are not a favorite task of mine either!! We could always talk the kids into doing the dirty part :^) . I already have a plan for next years competition!! Have a great weekend and Happy Halloween!!


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