Monday, December 21, 2015

How to make a paper Mandala for coloring

One of our providers and our social worker decided to have activities in March called, the 12 Days of Destressing. They asked me to make some Mandalas for the staff to color. (If you want to learn about Mandalas, here is the explanation from Wikpedia) I decided on making three. It's a good number and several co-workers could color at the same time.

Each square measures 24 inches and each circle is 23 inches. I used lots of rulers, stencils, and pencils, sharpening them often. All the designs were penciled in first and then I got my Sharpies out to retrace and fill in the outer border.

It was a lot of fun designing these, but really didn't help my stress level!!! Talk about too many tasks on my platter!! But I am really pleased with the results of all the hard work.

My production line. I can't work on just one item at a time, just not how my brain works!!! Kind of silly really, but I do get things accomplished eventually. Especially when there is a deadline looming over head!!!

Here are the Mandalas at work ready for coloring. I brought crayons and colored pencils, plenty for everyone to use. I actually like them as is in black and white

And this is me at our staff party. Merry Christmas Friends, God Bless You and Your Family, and have a Safe and Happy New Year!!

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