Sunday, January 17, 2016

Melted Crayola Crayons: Arts and Crafts with the Girls

A week ago Friday I had five women who's husbands ride motorcycles with my husband come over to my house to melt crayons while the fellas were in their meeting.

We've decided to have a craft night once a month when the fellas are doing thier monthly meeting. This month we will meet at The Moose here in town because that is where all the guys are and I am hoping we will get more women to join us.

So the above one is mine.
I started by peeling the paper off the crayons and hot glueing
them to the bottom of the cardboard
Then I used an Embossing heat gun, but a good blow dryer
also works. You melt the crayons, (notice it is in a box to
catch the drips and splatters) to your preference.
AND, tada, you have a very simple piece of art work.
The following are all of us having fun making our pieces. There was Michelle, Tracy, Dorothy, Carol and Mary. We had a blast for sure!!!

Check out that adorable puppy!!! Her name is Bubbles!!

Then I decided to do this with Cooper. I used sticker letters and got it ready
before he got to the house, I also hot glued the crayons.
I let him run the blow dryer!!!

He LOVED it!!! Fun activity!!!
I did find that Crayola Crayons work the best for this. The cheaper ones have less color in them, when they melt you get more clear wax than color. So go for the best!!!

Well, that's it for today!! Hope you all enjoyed the photos, we sure had a lot of fun!!!!
Take Care and Enjoy this beautiful Earth we live on and have some colorful fun with your friends,

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