Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Fairy jar at Girls Craft Night-3/4/16 Jar Art Quart Jars

How cute is this!!! Seriously, CUTE!!!!! And fun to make!!

Our group is getting together once a month. I am planning on Aprils craft night now.
There were about a dozen of us meeting at the American Legion here in Lebanon OR.
We decorated mostly quart jars.
Here are mine. 
I did them at home and finished them up at the Legion.
I am kind of the ring leader I suppose. My idea!!
It's a good thing for women to gather together!!
Here are my other jars-ENJOY

The two smaller jars are holding sugar and stevia in my kitchen!!!
 Put a little battery run tea light in and instant charm!!

So this jar I cut out a leaf shape from contact paper , painted over it and then removed the cutout. Glued on the buttons but it just wasn't enough. So I took it outside, sprayed glitter on it, let it dry and ta-da, a very sweet tea light!!

This was fun and easy and we all had a wonderful time!! You should try it out!!
Enjoy the Earth


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